Thursday, August 6, 2020

JJ Blacklocke's REFUGE - Launching November 10, 2020


Nine hundred Vennans undertake a cultural exchange to Tradepoint, a space station
where aliens from different worlds meet to do business. A young and gyfted Speaker,
Gredin, is translator and diplomat for the happy occasion.

But a horrific vision shatters her first night’s sleep on Tradepoint. Venna, their homeworld,
has been destroyed. Now the safety of the delegation, the only Vennans left in all of time
and space, rests on Gredin’s young shoulders.

Stunned and grieving, she navigates trade wars and political prejudice, bartering with other
races—some friendly, some neutral, some outright hostile—for what her people need to survive.
And the cost of failure is the unthinkable.


Plunge into The Tradepoint Saga, a space opera series with a diverse cast of characters. This coming-of-age tale is perfect for fans of CJ Cherryh, David Feintuch, Wen Spencer, and Star Trek: Picard.