Monday, February 11, 2019

Why Don't You Represent Self-Published Books, Anne?

Hello! You've self-published a book! Congratulations! It's a major accomplishment and I commend you on your achievement - but no, I'm not going to take your self-published book and try to sell it to a traditional publisher and here's why:
1) Publishing houses want to edit your book to their tastes and standards.
 - If there's already an unedited version self-published, that bell has already been rung - so to speak - and they can't ring that bell again. Plus, then there will be two versions of the book out there (likely with different covers too), and that'll create buyer confusion - which could cut sales - and they don't want that.

2) But, what about books like 50 Shades and The Martian that were self-published first and then sold traditionally?
- Email me a query when your self-published book sells over 100k copies (like the above mentioned titles) and then - MAYBE - I might be able to sell your novel to a trad publisher. Anything less than that? I'm sorry, they don't want it.

3) Your art work/cover is probably not to their taste either, plus there's copyright issues with the artist they didn't choose, that'll add to their headache. Again, more trouble than it's worth UNLESS (see highlighted number above).

No, an unpublished sequel to your self-published book won't work either.

I sympathize - I really do, as I once self published a book and then couldn't get an agent to rep it - so I've been there! I get it. You're frustrated with good reason.

So, what do you do if you want to get a book into book stores?

My advice:
1) Write a whole new book that's completely unrelated to anything you've self published, that's unsold anywhere, unpublished anyplace (even online), and fits into the traditional publishing categories, sub-genres, and word count requirements, and query agents with that novel.

I wish you luck.
Best Regards,
Anne Tibbets