Thursday, October 5, 2017

Acknowledgements for DISPERSAL

I would like to take a few moments and thank a few people for helping me land, finish, and publish DISPERSAL.

There was a nurse by the name of Sarah Clark who was a friend of a friend, who under no obligation at all, chatted with me for ages via Facebook regarding medical research for the book. I named a character after her as a means of thanks and appreciation. After the draft had been finished, I asked the same questions of Dr. Anatoly Belilovsky from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America who confirmed Sarah's findings, but since the book had already been turned into my editor there wasn't a way to thank him in print. Thanks to you both! You made me look smart.

Steve Jacobsen, a microbiologist at UCLA, mentioned to me how I should look up how scientists are using digestional microbiomes to cure the super bug (antibiotic resistant infections) and it was that bit of information which led me to twist it a bit and use it in DISPERSAL. Thank you!

I would also like to thank Bree Ogden for bringing this project to me, and Jennie Goloboy at the Red Sofa Literary Agency who represented me during the DISPERSAL deal. I couldn't have done it without you two believing in me. Thank you!

A ton of thanks and praise to David Thomas Moore, my editor on both EXTINCTION BIOME books. He understands my writerly intentions exactly - it was so utterly amazing to work with him. Notes like, "You did this, and initially I couldn't figure out why, but then you did THIS and I was like, YES! Ok. Good set up. Leaving it." It means everything to me that he understood exactly what I was going for, finding the layers hidden among all the action. I just can't say enough how it sustained me on days when I wondered if I had the chops to write a book of this caliber. Also he once said I write like I have a gun in my other hand which I have seriously considered tattooing somewhere on my physical person. I hope we get to work together again, Dave. Thank you!

Buckets and buckets of love to my writers support group: Robin, Meredith, and Lisa, who listened to me moan, complain, and crow and haven't kicked me out of the group yet. Thank you, ladies!

To Adam Christopher, Jen Foehner Wells, Chris Bucholz, and Carrie Patel for their blurbs! I owe you each a solid.

And all the love in my heart to Daniel and my girls who put up with frozen pizza dinners and my nonexistent patience when I'm on deadline. Sorry! And also, thank you for not kicking me out either.

A special thanks to Tom and Bella for not assassinating me yet - although, one of these days, I think Tom might succeed. He wants it more. I don't really blame him.

[And to every single person who told me I should probably "just write romance" (as if that's any easier - psst, it's not), and how I shouldn't write adult sci-fi because it's too hard to break in to, and to every person who looks shocked when I tell them what I write... This middle finger is for you.]




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