Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Baltimore Book Festival

Having recently joined the SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America) I had the opportunity to participate in the Baltimore Book Festival in September as my alter ego, Addison Gunn.

What a lovely location!

 Picture by Anne Tibbets

The Inner Harbor in Baltimore was teaming with tents from the north to the south side of the water. Complete with food and drink trucks, mobile book stores, and multiple author venues, if you were in or around Baltimore around the 24 - 26th and didn't go, you missed out!

Picture by Anne Tibbets

The SFWA tent was hopping! At times with standing room only. They featured panels about character development, world building, race, research, historical fantasy - you name it! Kudos to organizer Sarah Pinsker for organizing a fantastic program.

Picture by Anne Tibbets

I want to thank the SFWA for including me and thank all the authors who were so welcoming and supportive of this newcomer. I hope the Baltimore Book Festival will be a tradition I may continue to enjoy. :)

Picture by Sarah Pinsker