Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

OFFICIAL Press Release

Hey Everybody!

The official press release announcing the Extinction Biome: Invasion project can be found here on the Horror Underground website.

 Here's the link >>

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Extinction Biome Purchase Links


I am so very pleased to announce my involvement in Abaddon Book's EXTINCTION BIOME series!

Together with a co-author we've crafted the first book under an accumulative pen name, Addison Gunn, for this new hard military science fiction series which will release in monthly ebook novellas starting in February, then in a full paperback edition this June!

It's been an absolute BLAST to work with Abaddon on this exciting project - it has everything I love in a good sci-fi - explosions, conspiracies, plentiful battles and perilous situations, and creepy, deadly creatures...What more could you ask for? 


A thrilling new military SF series.

Four years in the military, training for a war that never happened, left Alexander Miller disillusioned and apathetic. Now, as second in command of COBALT, a corporate bodyguard unit for the biotech giant Schaeffer-Yeager, he’s little more than a glorified chauffeur to the wealthy elite. But times change.

A threat from the ancient past has reawakened, and like a Biblical plague it threatens to consume every ecosystem on Earth. Hordes of parasite-infected humans riot against the increasingly powerless authorities as vast fungal blooms destroy crops and terrifying beasts stalk city streets.

The last time this happened, T-Rex found itself on the menu. But mankind's got more than teeth – it's got guns. Miller and the men and women of COBALT are pressed into service to fight the onslaught, but they have no idea how cut-throat their corporate masters can be...