Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Carrier Links

By Anne Tibbets

Publication Date: 6/16/14

Twenty-two -year-old Naya has spent nearly half her life as a sex slave in a government institution called The Line. Excommunicated after getting pregnant with twins, she's left with no way to earn a living and a horrifying choice to make: find someone to replace her at the institution by the time she gives birth, or have her babies taken in her stead.
Ric Bennett wants to help. A doctor with a history of aiding ex-Line girls, he runs a team of rebels that can delete Naya's records, prevent her from having to make an impossible choice, and free her forever. But when his plan is sniffed out, things get bloody, fast. The Line wants them back. The organization has discovered information about Naya and her twins that make them more valuable than just sex slaves. It makes them dangerous—and part of the The Line's larger plan.
As they hide from government search parties, Ric comes to admire Naya's quiet strength. And Naya realizes Ric might be a man she can trust. If they make it off the grid, they could build a new life. But first they'll have to survive the long, vicious reach of The Line.


"It takes guts to tell a story like the one in CARRIER, and author Anne Tibbets has got plenty. The life that she creates for Naya is informed by our present day troubles and placed in a dystopian future. Yet, it feels as real and troubling as any of today's headlines.  It will compel your attention and haunt your dreams." - Bryce Zabel, author of A.D. After DisclosureSurrounded by Enemies and creator/Executive Producer of Dark Skies.

"CARRIER immersed me in Naya's world from page one and didn't let up until the end. This is a story full of strength, courage, and above all else -- humanity. A must read and I'm on pins and needles waiting for book 2!" -- Megan Erickson, author of MAKE IT COUNT

"CARRIER has all the makings of a breathtaking read: Vivid settings. Thought-provoking story. Swoony love interest. And a plot that will keep you turning the pages.” — Stina Lindenblatt, author of TELL ME WHEN

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