Sunday, January 22, 2012

Loglines with Jessica Brody

Apparently, I need to post more often because my blog has dropped off the Google List when you Google my name...That's bad.  I want my blog to be the first thing on the list and not a negative review of The Beast Call (the only negative review!) from a Fantasy blog in the UK.

Um, no.

So I'm going to blog tonight even though I'm coming down from a caffeine and adrenaline high, in the hopes it'll be higher up on the Google list.

I got to meet Jessica Brody.  For those of you unfamiliar with her work, she wrote My Life Undecided amongst others, and no joke, has sold about 9 books to varied publishers, so she knows her stuff.

She taught a class about writing loglines, and how to use a logline to create a "Killer High Concept" that sells itself.

Now, I've been to many a writer's event and was a little skeptical.  Most writers events, in my limited experience, is an author explaining how they made it in 'the biz' which usually has little to no helping value to anybody else, since each person gets their break differently, but a writer friend was going, and I thought, 'What the hell. Maybe I'll hear something new.'

I am so very thankful I went!  There is always something new to learn, and I'd forgotten how very exciting, exhilarating and electric it is to be in a writers room.  That's the 1 thing I miss from my TV days, the writers room.  Spitballing ideas, cracking jokes off each other's punch lines, growing and expanding on each other's ideas...So. COOL!

Anyway, the fact I got to spitball with Jessica Brody made all the difference in the world.  She had clear, concise advise on how to improve my book idea using the logline, was smart, funny, etc. etc., and holy buckets I wish I'd taken this class LAST YEAR because it would have been a hill of beans helpful when I was working on The Line.


So there you have it, I have been stewing about a new YA contemporary idea, and while in the room with all these writers I figured out how to make it sell-able.

So. Darn. Cool.

Now I just need to write the thing.