Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Facebook Fan Page - Is it worth it?

Hey all!

It comes to my attention that only about 3% of you who have "Liked" my Author Page in Facebook are actually receiving my status updates. 

Facebook is offering to up that percentage if I pay a fee. I think this is odd. I mean, if you "Liked" my page, surely you'd WANT to see what I post. Right? Why should I have to pay for you to see it, when you "Liked" me to begin with? 

What's the point in "Liking" anything, in that case? It also makes me wonder, "Why bother having a Fan Page if my fans can't even see what I'm posting?"

In light of this, I am going to recommend you all join Twitter and follow your favorite authors, and/or sports teams, and/or TV shows, etc. there instead. You can find me there @WriteforCoffee . And guess what? EVERY tweet I post, ACTUALLY posts! AND, you can see it. FOR FREE! Isn't that revolutionary??

OR - you could always SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER! The subscription tab is on this blog up and to the left. ^ and to the < Up and to the left. ^ and to the < Up and to the left...

In the meantime, I actually paid to "boost" this post in Facebook, just for the sheer irony.

See you on Twitter and here on WILL WRITE FOR COFFEE!
But seriously, FB - why bother?

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