Monday, January 7, 2013

Writing Schedule Tweaks

I am no expert.  I don't even claim to know a lot, just some.  I make mistakes constantly, and I am wide open to suggestion.  I don't take myself too seriously, which is why when I receive bad or (let's be frank) stupid advice from other people, I can come down rather harsh because, let's be honest, if even the likes of me can tell it's bad or stupid advice, then it must be REALLY bad and REALLY stupid.

I am about to dole out some advice, so the above paragraph is my disclaimer.  Not everything works for everybody.
Take this into account.

My Fall Writing Schedule:
8 am - Drop off kids
9 am - Email, news, social media
10 am - Shower, make up, hair
11 am - Write (Not well, and somewhat reluctantly)
11:30 am - Realize I'm starving and eat an early lunch
12 pm - Run an errand, or two (as needed)
1 pm - Write like a maniac
2:30 pm - Pick up the kids

So, given this schedule, I was only having about an hour and a half of productive writing a day, if I even kept to this schedule which on many occasions I didn't.

An hour and a half?  That's horrible!

I realize now what my problem was, however, and I am going to fix it for...

My Winter Writing Schedule:
8 am - Drop off kids
9:30 am - Email (light to NO social media)
9:45 am - Shower, make up, hair
10:30 am - Write (Remains to be seen if it will go well)
12 pm - lunch
12:30 pm - Errands (as needed)
1:30 - 2:30 pm - Write

Let's see if more brain power (ie. FOOD) will help kick in my brain.
I am one of those sorry people that if I don't eat, I get stupid(er). Perhaps that's what I've been missing.

Writers: I recommend you eat, too. And I recommend you cut out MOST if not all social media during your "writing" hours.
That's my 2 cent advice.
Psst - Protein in the morning is best.


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