Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Agent Search Stats

78 query letters
Rejections: 35
Requests for partial manuscript submission: 4
Requests for full manuscript submission:15
No responses: 30

Queries and/or full submissions pulled back after offer: 12

3 offers of representation

I realize the numbers don't all add up, but most partial requests resulted in a full submission request, and then some read full submissions and rejected - so they were counted more than once.

I'm pleased to announce that I have officially signed on with Bree Ogden of D4EO Literary Agency.

If you are a writer in search of an agent, my advice to you is this...
1) Have a killer query
2) Be professional
3) Research agents before sending a query so you know who you are asking! Don't ask a romance agent to represent your action/adventure - get the idea?
4) If you are getting NO requests for fulls, at all (!) then there is something wrong with your query
5) Don't give up

Original 'Shut Up' Diary Entry from 'Mary' at The Blonde Who Reads

For you fans of 'Shut Up' - here's an original and NEW diary entry from 'Mary' exclusive to The Blonde Who Reads


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Mary Lost

Terrible, awful, horrible news out of Minnesota today.
A thirteen year old girl, bullied by classmates, has taken her own life.

I wish there were words I could tell the parents to ease their pain. But there aren't any.
I wish there were words I could give to the bullies, so that they might fully empathize with their victim.  And if they do, I wish I had the words to empathize with them to ease their guilt and shame.

I wish I had been able to talk to this girl, so that she might understand that taking your own life, though it might solve the immediate problem of stopping your emotional pain, it is NOT the only choice.

I feel like I lost a Mary today, and it completely and totally and utterly breaks my heart into a million pieces.

To all those out there that understand this girl's pain, I raise my hand to you in appreciation.
PLEASE - hang in there.