Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Second Draft Dance


My Supernatural Mystery, "The Occupant," a YA "ghost story" is finished!
::Do a little dance, Make a little love, Get down tonight!::

Well, it's sort of done.

There's no such thing anymore, to me, as a "finished" book.
I don't EVER finish one, I just abandon it.

As of now, "The Occupant" lies in wait while my very busy agent works her tail off submitting my speculative novel "The Line," and I doubt giving me notes on "the next book" is high on her priority list, and since I've done all I can do to it, at present, I'm actually at a loss.  I have nothing to work on!

I have the idea for the sequel to "The Occupant" in my head, and I suppose I could take a week (or two) and hammer that out into an outline, but honestly, Bree (my agent) could read "The Occupant" and hate the damn thing and tell me it's garbage and that she doesn't think it will sell (I highly doubt she'd say that, but you never know!) so why would I spend my valuable time writing out an outline to a book that there might never be a sequel to?

It's late.  Forgive my poor grammar.

Anyway, I'm not going to do that - at least that's my thoughts as of now, and I completely reserve the right to change my mind at any given moment.  But, the plan for now is to take the rest of the week "off" from writing and stew in my creative juices.

What do I want to write next?

This is a HUGE question.
And since nothing comes to mind, just now, I'm going to sleep.

Maybe I'll dream my next book?
Hey!  It worked for Stephenie Meyer!
Why not me?

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