Monday, January 9, 2012

It's Official When I Say SHUT UP

Hello bull horns, remember me?

Well, I'm following through on my previous threat and I've bitten the bullet, grabbed the bull by the horns, and tooted my own horn.

Premier Digital Publishing has agreed to e-publish another one of my books!


In a few months, SHUT UP, a YA contemporary (excerpts available in this blog!) about a young girl whose family is imploding due to her older sister's teen pregnancy, will hit e-stands everywhere.

NOTE: This is a work of fiction.
Just clarifying.

Now it's off to the numerous people to get ready, and then we are good to go.

This is good news.
And I really needed it today.

Let no one say that wallowing in cookies for lunch never accomplished anything.
What it did do, as failure usually does, is piss me off enough to bite back.

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